WWE’s Paige breaks silence following abuse allegations made against her mother Saraya Knight

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WWE’s Paige has spoken out following allegations made earlier this week against her mother as well as other members of The Knight Family.

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Paige speaks out following allegations made against her family.

Paige took to her Instagram story on Friday to issue a statement to her followers following allegations of physical and psychological abuse made against her family and in particular her mother Saraya Knight.

Take a look at Paige’s statement in its entirety below.

I’ve not had my social media for the past couple of weeks. Obviously I told everyone on Twitch it’s very negative as of right now. I did wanna just say a big thank you to everyone that’s just supported my mum and my family. They have just had this outpour of positivity and I just can’t believe how much my family and my mum is loved. I just want to say a big thank you for all the support that you guys are giving to my mum especially.” she said.

You just don’t realize how many hearts that my mum has truly touched in the wrestling world and in just the real world. I just think that out of all this in general it’s bittersweet because my mum has had a sh*t ton of flowers outside her house it literally looks like a florist outside her home right now. She’s also had a bunch of people from all her training seminars and just friends in general and people that she’s really inspired and helped and encouraged just make a bunch of videos for her and put them on the internet.” she continued.

People [are] taking over my Twitch saying I stand with Saraya Knight and I just think we’re just overwhelmed with how amazing you guys have been and there is some positivity going around right now and I think that’s wonderful. So again on behalf of my mum and my family we want to thank you so incredibly much and I’m gonna post a couple of the things to show you what people have been doing for her but thank you guys so much again. We’re smiling from ear to ear because my family just feel so loved.” she concluded.

Paige’s message to fans can be viewed on her Instagram story by clicking HERE.

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  1. So disturbing, saraya and the knights are so guilty they are abusive freaks, i feel sorry for all the people defending them

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