WWE’s Liv Morgan reveals why she supports the RAW Underground dancers

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Liv Morgan has defended WWE’s usage of female dancers during the recent RAW Underground segments.

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Liv Morgan is a fan of the RAW Underground dancers.

Liv Morgan has some strong opinions about the female dancers who were recently featured on Raw Underground, the WWE’s new shoot-style fight club segment hosted by Shane McMahon.

WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, as well as a large number of fans, voiced their dissatisfaction at WWE for featuring “women sexually dancing” on TV during the women’s evolution.

Liv disagrees with Blayze and feels that “showing beautiful women proudly dancing” does not hurt WWE’s women’s evolution.

We have come so so far in the evolution. And with no signs of slowing down, I don’t think it is in any danger. Showing beautiful women proudly dancing (believe it or not, a huge money-making profession doesn’t hurt anything. Empower all women.” Morgan recently wrote on her Twitter page.

And plus the dancers were so nice,” she added in a second tweet.

The female dancers were not featured on this past Monday’s edition of RAW which took place on August 10, 2020.

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