WWE officially purchases EVOLVE wrestling, expected to sign some of its talent

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The WWE has officially purchased EVOLVE wrestling and are expected to sign some of its talent in the near future.

The WWE have officially purchased EVOLVE wrestling.

It was confirmed by PWInsider on Thursday night that the WWE has officially acquired ownership of the EVOLVE wrestling promotion. WWE will have complete rights to the EVOLVE brand name and entire video library which is expected to be added to the WWE Network in the near future.

Further reports have surfaced revealing that the WWE is to sign some of the talent from EVOLVE. As of right now, no names have been confirmed.

There are certainly some exciting female talents the WWE could sign from the EVOLVE roster including Brandi Lauren who has wrestled for the likes of Impact Wrestling, Shine and even made occasional appearances for the WWE. Other potential signings include Russia’s Natalia Markova, as well as Savannah Evans who has been wrestling since 2014. Finally, Ayla Fox, who manages her husband AR Fox and have proved a popular pairing on the independent scene.

Wrestling fans, which of EVOLVE’s talents would you like to see WWE sign? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Love to see Natalia Markova she is great in the ring and badass love all of them females 😛

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