WWE legend Judy Martin names Ronda Rousey the woman she wishes she’d had the chance to compete against

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WWE legend Judy Martin has named Ronda Rousey as the woman she wishes she could have had the opportunity to compete against inside the ring.

UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey is one of the most prolific combat sports stars of the last ten years.

Martin fought for the WWE (then known as WWF) throughout the entirety of the 1980’s. She recently appeared on the Wrestling With The Future podcast to discuss a number of topics, amongst them she was asked if there is anyone from the current era of women who she wishes she could have had the opportunity to face.

I would have loved to have worked with Ronda Rousey. Honestly, I wish she was around back then when we were around because I know I could have kicked her a**. No doubt in my mind about that.” Martin said.

Judy Martin is considered one of the greatest female wrestlers to have competed in the WWE during the 1980s.

A match between a prime Judy Martin and Ronda Rousey would certainly have had all the makings of a potential classic. Rousey being one of the most prolific combat sports superstars of the last ten years, known for her hard-hitting and intense style. Martin was also known for an intense, very technical style and is considered by many as one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of the 1980’s.

As part of The Glamour Girls along with Leilani Kai, Martin would capture the original WWF women’s tag team championships on two occasions. Meanwhile, Rousey is a former WWE RAW women’s champion.

For newer fans of professional wrestling who are not familiar with the women of the 1980s. Take a look back at one of Judy Martin’s matches below. A tag team match in which she partners up with Leilani Kai to take on The Jumping Bomb Angels.

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