WWE female wrestlers were initially against Becky Lynch using “The Man” as a nickname

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WWE female superstars were initially against Becky Lynch using “The Man” as her nickname.

WWE female wrestlers were unhappy with Becky Lynch for using ‘The Man’ as a nickname.

During a recent chat with Digital Spy, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon spoke about how Lynch’s “The Man” moniker came about and how her fellow female superstars reacted.

(The Man) really was her idea. It’s funny because some women were very against it like, ‘Why do you have to call yourself the man? Why can’t you be The Woman.” she said.

But she just didn’t take it, you know, too literally. The whole point was to turn that nomenclature on its ear, right, because everyone says, ‘oh the biggest, the most successful person in the room is The Man. Well, why can’t The Man be a woman.” she continued.

Lynch is currently on a hiatus from the WWE as she is expecting her first child with fiance Seth Rollins.

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