The Bella Twins explain why they believe Bianca Belair & Liv Morgan could become breakout stars in the WWE

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WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins believe Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan have what it takes to become breakout stars in the WWE.

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
The Bella Twins believe Bianca Belair & Liv Morgan could be the future of the WWE Women’s Division.

Brie & Nikki Bella appeared on Wednesday’s edition of WWE talk show ‘The Bump’ in celebration of ‘Women’s Evolution Week‘. The pair were asked which of the current female superstars they believe have the potential to become a breakout star in the WWE. Both women gave different names.

Nikki Bella believes RAW superstar Bianca Belair has all the makings of a star and sees “massive things” in her future.

Well, someone who always comes to mind first is Bianca Belair, I mean she, to me, what, her athletic ability and her in-ring ability is just amazing, I love watching her work. But then she has this look, and when she does her entrance, she just captivates you, like you’re in awe of her, and she’s a star. I mean, what she has, you can’t buy. She was born with it. So I just see massive things for her, which already are starting.” Nikki Bella said.

Brie on the other hand thinks its Liv Morgan who has the makings to become WWE’s next top star and wants to see her get a title run.

Someone for me that I’m a little bummed about because I felt like they were on their way to, like, a title run, and I’m hoping for that in the future, is Liv Morgan. I mean, I don’t know, but she got me, and when I watch her, I’m like, not only does she, she’s stunning to look at, she has sex appeal, but she’s different in the ring than anyone else right now on the roster. And so I think she needs a title run, so I wanna see that.” Brie said.

Wrestling fans, do you agree with The Bella Twins? Who do you think could be WWE’s next breakout star? Let us know in the comments section below.

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