Naomi comments on botched move during her match against Lacey Evans on this past Friday’s WWE SmackDown

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WWE’s Naomi has commented on a botched move during her match on this past Friday’s edition of Smackdown.

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Naomi comments on botched move from this past Friday’s WWE Smackdown.

WWE SmackDown superstar Naomi has taken to Twitter to set things straight about an apparent botched move in her match against Lacey Evans this past Friday.

After a Twitter used posted a video of the move in question, fans began to speculate on what Naomi’s original intentions were. Various users claimed that Naomi was attempting a diving Canadian Destroyer to Evans. However, Naomi says this was not the case and she was originally attempting a sliding blockbuster maneuver.

It’s just a sliding blockbuster, not a Canadian Destroyer, not something I tried to copy from someone else, just a move I thought of bc I like doing blockbusters and wanted a different way to do it but anyway I’ll improve it,” Naomi wrote.

Take a look at Naomi’s comment, as well as the move in question, in the video below.

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