Mandy Rose hails Trish Stratus as her ultimate inspiration, wants dream match against the WWE Hall of Famer

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WWE superstar Mandy Rose has opened up about the inspiration Trish Stratus has had on her career and reveals she’d love to one day have a match against her.

Rose currently performs for WWE under the Smackdown brand.

Rose, who currently performs on the Smackdown brand, was recently interviewed by Comicbook movie and spoke about looking up to Stratus as she progresses through her own career.

“Trish had the same tribulations to get through as well. We’re both from the fitness world and were models, and people have this idea that ‘You’re just a model,’ but have you ever seen a model and an athlete at the same time? That’s possible. It’s just ignorance, to be honest. People just assume that you can’t do both, but I’ve proven myself up until this point and I’ve proven myself that you can have both and you don’t just have to be a pretty face. Why can’t you have both?”

Rose went on to to discuss her dream to one day face Stratus in the ring.

I would say myself versus Trish Stratus. She’s always been a huge inspiration for me, and like I said earlier, we’ve had very similar paths in this business, and she’s always been so sweet to me every time I see her, and she is just an amazing woman who has created so many amazing moments in her career, and coming from a fitness background, she was able to really prove to people that she had what it takes, so that’s a similar story for me. So, I would definitely say that would be a hot match up for sure!” she said.

Wrestling fans, how do you feel about Rose’ comments? Would you like to see a Trish Stratus vs. Mandy Rose matchup ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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