Jazz on if she is deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame

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Jazz has opened up about whether she feels she is deserving of a spot in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Jazz recently announced her retirement from in-ring competition as a professional wrestler.

Jazz, a former two-time WWE Women’s Champion, recently announced her retirement from in-ring competition after over twenty years of performing in the professional wrestling industry. The 48-year-old enjoyed a very notable run with the WWE from 2011 to 2004 and again briefly in 2006.

During a recent appearance on The Chris Van Vliet show, Jazz opened up about whether or not she sees herself one day being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Honestly, that’s up to them. Do I feel I should be? You’re damn right! They’re trying to put that lawsuit situation over my head, but do you know how many people who f—ing sued Vince McMahon and are still in the Hall of Fame?! So, I don’t want to hear that,” she said.

My thing wasn’t even about the concussions. In my situation with them I was upset because the whole time I was there, they never gave me a freaking action figure. So, it’s like the people of color were treated a little differently. They didn’t really market me. I made myself. They gave me the platform to go out there, but Jazz got over on her own. But they didn’t get any action figure, never on a poster, that’s the s–t I was upset about. But it’s all good. I still thank them for the opportunity, because without them, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here right now. So, I don’t hate them. I just want to be treated fairly.” she continued.

Wrestling fans, what are your opinions? Is Jazz deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments section below.

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