Impact Wrestling champ Deonna Purrazzo hopes WWE regrets not seeing her full potential

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Deonna Purrazzo is on top of the world right now after winning the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship at last month’s Slammiversary event.

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling
Deonna Purrazzo is the reigning Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion.

Prior to joining Impact Wrestling, Purrazzo had just come off a stint with WWE on their NXT brand. The 26-year-old was released from her contract with the organization this past April.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Purrazzo opened up about her time in the WWE and wanting to prove them wrong.

Take a look at highlights from the interview below, courtesy of 411 Mania.

On how she was used during her WWE NXT run: “I think the Deonna that you saw, and the world saw, in Ring of Honor and Impact is truly who I am. The person I’ve been able to put on the screen is the person I believe in. It’s the truest form of me, you know, elevated. At NXT, it was very much a runaround. ‘You need a character. Okay, well that’s too much character. You have to be the real you, but the real you isn’t believable.’ I just gotten to a point where there’s nothing I can do right, and now I feel defeated in me. And coming here and just being like, screw what everyone else has said, screw the complications that came with me, screw the opinions, and screw the negativity I’ve been through. I’m going to bring the person that loved professional wrestling, that wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was nine years old. And I’m going to make that girl proud!”

On believing she is good enough: “I don’t care that WWE fired me, or didn’t want me, or didn’t think I was good enough! I think I’m good enough. And if Impact believes I’m good enough, and if Ring of Honor believed I’m good enough, if Japan thought I was good enough, I’m good enough! And I just needed to get back to believing in me and believing in the little girl who wanted to be here her entire life.”

On wanting to prove herself: “I had a chip on my shoulder, and the first interviews I did, I was like, ‘screw NXT!’ and that put a target on my back. That put pressure to perform at a new level and to raise to Jordynne’s level, to Taya’s level, raise to Tessa’s level. All the champions that came before me, now I have to be equal with them. If not, better, especially where I was coming from and the success I didn’t see in NXT. I had to make this worthwhile, and come in, and be right with the champion, be on the first pay-per-view I can be on as, now, the Knockout’s Champion. It’s like, [WWE] messed up, and I hope you regret it and I hope you feel dumb because everyone else can see it and I’ve known it my entire life.”

Catch Deonna Purrazzo on Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on AXS TV.

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