GLOW stars share heartbreaking reactions after Netflix cancels the show despite previously announcing and filming for season four

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Stars of the highly-acclaimed comedy-drama ‘GLOW’ have reacted following the recent news that Netflix will not continue with season four due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netflix announced on Monday that they have canceled women’s wrestling drama – GLOW.

This past Monday Netflix announced that they will be axing the upcoming fourth season of GLOW. The season was already confirmed earlier this year and filming had begun in March but was stopped due to the pandemic. Impact Wrestling star Taya Valkyrie was notably set to join the cast for what would have been the final season.

The stars of the show have posted heartbreaking reactions to the news on their social media pages. Take a look below.

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GLOW/Buster closer

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I agree with @marcmaron !! #saveglow 🐿

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I’m with Marc #squirrel #saveglow

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GLOW heart means @mrchrislowell is your personal photographer for the rest of your life because of our award winning show. I have 100% protective instincts about these women and for five years have put the power of my thighs behind them and their deepest dreams!! In the ring we have each other’s backs in a special way that elicits human flight. I’ve saved their lives so much and that’s not normal for a TV show!!!! Glad y’all are all alive and can make dinner safe at home tonight! To @sydellio who knighted me at the first moment, to @alisonbrie who my character Reggie would take a bullet for, my audition room magic @jackietohn & you know why, @katenash my drop kick mermaid, my forever Ophelia #gaylerankin , to the punk rules in our kid @brittbaron , my rainbow cloud @britneyyoung , the intellect of #bettygilpin for keeping me on the ropes, for the ribbon imagery @spinningfist whispered to me, for my badass feminist dance partner @shakirabarrera , for my day one wrestling student @sunitamani who’s eyes are like an ocean of truth and to @kimmygatewood and @hellorebekka who are the great movie star mothers among us who came out swinging! And to my commonwealth love @ellewongster who changed all our lives with her easy genius! Liz Carly Jenji @shaunaduggins @chavoguerrerojr @janaceks_dressage_journey you made us better people in a ground breaking history defying show! #glow @glownetflix to all the glow family our there the miracle crew 🙂 to our love @marcmaron we love you all!!!! Glow set a feminist bar so high: keep it up!!!!!!! @jennifer_euston_casting 💗

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💔💔💔💔💔💔 I am saddened by @netflix decision to not complete Season 4 of GLOW. We are gutted that you beautiful fans won’t get to see the ending but just know, it would have been everything you wanted to see from us. We are hoping that, by some miracle, we get a movie to finish it off. (STAY TUNED FOR POSSIBLE PLAN OF ACTION #SAVEGLOW). But for now, this is the end. To Liz, Carly, Jenji, and execs: thank you for taking that chance on me and making me Yolanda. Thank you for writing for me and being a true ally in the fight for representation on screen. To Liz & Seth: thank you for giving me the chance to audition for you. You have both changed my career forever. To Chavo, Shauna & Helena: i have been dancing for 25 years and have not ever been so challenged by your moves. I thank you for my bulged disk. No, but seriously, thank you for always believing in me and pushing me past what I thought were my limits. To the crew: thank you for putting up with 15 women at a time. I’m also sorry we were such pains in the ass but we couldn’t have made this without you. To the cast: you are my sisters forever. Thank you for opening your arms to me in ways I only could have dreamed of. We have cried, laughed, farted, wrestled, and snorted all over each other. I couldn’t have been Yolanda without your support sisters and I am in love and obsessed with you all SO MUCH. And to YOLANDA: 🥺🥺 You were the fucking BEST. A stripper, breakdancer, LGBTQ girl of my dreams!!!!! The baddest to ever do it! You gave me confidence that I never knew I had and challenged me physically, emotionally, and mentally!!! I love you FOREVER. THANKS FOR WATCHING US WEIRDOS AND OUR TV SHOW!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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