Former WWE superstar explains why he believes RAW women’s champ Asuka is the greatest wrestler of all time

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Former WWE superstar Rusev believes that reigning RAW women’s champ Asuka is the great professional wrestler of all time.

Asuka is the reigning WWE RAW women’s champion.

Asuka is at the top right now when it comes to the world of women’s professional wrestling. The reigning RAW women’s champion has cemented her position as an all time great and former WWE superstar Rusev believes Asuka is the greatest of all time.

During a recent live stream, Rusev made his case.

Asuka is the greatest women’s wrestler. I don’t know how you don’t know that! I’ve been saying that for years, for years. For years I’ve been saying this. Asuka is the greatest professional wrestler, and nobody cares what I say, but then again, that’s just my opinion.” he said.

Asuka is by far my favorite. By far. And I love a lot of other people, don’t get me wrong, but I think she gets it the most. I don’t know if Asuka is underrated, per se. She’s not because she’s been a champion of everything, she has all the titles. I don’t think Asuka’s underrated. I think people have very different opinions, but I just say my opinion that she’s definitely the best, maybe of all time. Maybe of all time. Now that I’m thinking, Asuka may be the best of all time. Wow I just thought of that. And that could be a lot for the dirt sheets tomorrow. A lot to take in. But I think Asuka could be the best of all time. Wow.” he continued.

Before capturing the RAW women’s championship, Asuka had previously help the NXT women’s title, Smackdown women’s title and the women’s tag team championships with Kairi Sane. The 38-year-old was also the winner of the first ever women’s royal rumble back in 2018 and the first ever mixed match challenge with the Miz.

Wrestling fans, do you agree with Rusev? Do you think Asuka is the GOAT of women’s professional wrestling? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Asuka has several qualities, she has ductility, she can be FACE or HEEL as creatively needed, she has knowledge of wrestling and other wrestling disciplines that suits them in the ring, she has specialized in technical wrestling, with surrender keys, Many will say that not knowing how to speak fluent English plays against him, but in these times of the internet, in times of globalization, where people watch movies with subtitles, that does not matter much anymore, now my opinion is that WWE should not lose her, because Asuka in the future can be an excellent teacher or as in Japan it is said: Sensei de lucha libre, that she do that within the WWE, depends on the WWE herself

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