Fans show support towards Alexa Bliss after she locks Twitter account “to focus on mental health” following interaction with obsessed internet stalker

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Since arriving to WWE in 2013, Alexa Bliss has become one of the most popular superstars on the roster with over 4.7 million Instagram followers and 1.4 million Twitter followers.

Along with the millions of followers there are a number of dedicated stan accounts which are dedicated to Bliss. The word stan is a combination of stalker and fan. It refers to someone who is overly obsessed with a celebrity.

On Friday Alexa responded to a concerned fan asking if she was ok. She responded with “I’m fine, just tired of the harassment. Focusing on my mental health at the moment. Everyone stay being kind out there”.

While the majority of Alexa’s fan base are supportive of her, there are unfortunately a few who fall closer to the stalker and obsessive category. Earlier today screenshots emerged of an Instagram account which no longer exists called “godleafygod” writing abusive messages towards Alexa Bliss. Alexa responded by saying “leave me alone” and received the following response from the internet stalker:

“guess what? You’ve treated me like shit when I was a fan. Dedicated myself as a fan for nearly 5 years but seeing it as of late you’ve been liking the same fans over and over again. I’m sick of this shit. Do you not know how mentally damaged you did to me? If you actually appreciated me as a fan I wouldn’t be the person I would’ve turned out to be today. Think about it”

Bliss is a multiple time WWE women’s champion.

While the account admits that he is mentally damaged it is clear that Bliss played no part in this. The responsibility of a professional wrestler is to entertain fans with their performance at live events and on television. The WWE frequently offers fan appearances which fans can meet their favourite superstars. If an individual decides to dedicate years of their life to being a stalker fan of someone that is their choice, however they must remember that behind their favourite on-screen performers are real people who are entitled to privacy and that any personal social media interaction is a bonus, not something which should be expected.

Mental health is about how people feel, think and behave. It refers to emotional, behaviour and cognitive well-being. Mental health can affect relationships, daily living and physical health. Click here to access resources if you need to access mental health support.

There has been a lot of support shown towards Alexa Bliss by her fan base which can be seen in the tweets below. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are set to compete in a triple threat Women’s Tag Team Championship match against the teams of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and the champions Sasha Banks and Bayley at Backlash on Sunday, 14 June.

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