Eva Marie looks back on her WrestleMania 30 Divas Championship match, discusses the WWE Women’s Division of today

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Former WWE & Total Divas star Eva Marie recently looked back on her WWE career as well as discussing the women’s division of today.

Eva Marie’s new movie “Hard Kill” is released this week.

Marie recently spoke to 411 Mania about her new film, Hard Kill, which hits digital and VOD this week. The 35-year-old also looked back on the time she competed in a Divas Championship invitation match at WrestleMania 30 back in 2014.

Everything. I mean, honestly, just being a part of any WrestleMania moment is huge. I always refer to it for people who aren’t into wrestling, it’s like the Super Bowl of wrestling, and it’s something that I did not take lightly because anybody that is a Superstar, your whole hope is to be a part of that big show. And the fact that I was not only a part of it, but I amongst so many other Divas, it was truly wild.” she said of the moment.

Oh my god, yes. All of the above. Nervous, dizzy, like wanting to pinch myself, and trying to enjoy the moment but also terrified as well. But so excited and happy all at once. It was such an overwhelming experience.” she continued.

In 2015, a new movement began in the WWE titled the “Women’s Revolution”. Since then women in WWE have enjoyed increased airtime, opportunities, as well as headlining events themselves. Marie couldn’t be happier for the women of today and is full of praise for them.

I love it. I think it’s great. I feel like a lot of people, they want to see the women. They want to see a show. They want to be entertained, and they want to have as best as it can possibly be, and if that’s a main event match, then so be it. And the girls have done nothing but exceed expectations each time, day in and day out. Each little opportunity that they are given, a little nugget, they kill it. They knock it out of the park. And that also just goes to show they deserve the main event, or they deserve that pay-per-view spot, and it’s awesome.” she said.

Listen to the full interview below.

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