Charlotte Flair fires back at critics, takes shots at “entitled” Sasha Banks and Nia Jax

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Charlotte Flair has taken a shot at two women in the WWE who she believes to be “entitled”.

Charlotte Flair is a former RAW, Smackdown and NXT women’s champion.

Flair appeared on RAW Talk this Monday night to discuss a number of topics. During her appearance, the 34-year-old defended herself against critics who believe she is “entitled”.

The thing is, it’s not about who gets under my skin, it’s about why they get under my skin. I see, I hear, and I read what people say about me, that I’m entitled, that I’m always in the title picture, and here’s the thing, I am the only person that shows up to work 365 days a year.” she said.

I am the hardest-working person in this company. I’m on Raw, I’m on SmackDown. Hell, I do media for FOX and I’m not even on FOX. And then they send me to NXT. No, I do anything and everything they ask because I love this business and I strive for greatness.” she continued.

Flair went on to name drop Nia Jax and Sasha Banks as women who are actually the “entitled people”.

So it’s the entitled people that get under my skin. It is the people that sit at home for a year and then come back and are in the title picture and you call me entitled because I am busting my ass 365 days a year to be the best?

No, it’s the people like Nia Jax who come back and are in the title picture. It’s people like Sasha Banks who take time off and then come back in the title picture but I’m entitled?” Flair continued.

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