Bianca Belair helps educate and spread awareness for International Albinism Awareness Day

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International Albinism Awareness day is aimed at educating people about the rights of people with albinism, who often face discrimination.

This day takes place on June 13th each year and is significant in the lives of individuals with albinism and their families including WWE superstar Bianca Belair who has a nephew, Sebastian and niece, Teagan Skye who both have albinism.

Bianca Belair shares photos of her nephew Sebastian who has albinism.

Albinism is a rare genetically inherited condition that can be found across the world regardless of culture or background. It affects the production of melanin, the pigment that colors skin, hair and eyes.  This year was the 5th anniversary of International Albinism Awareness Day with the theme “Made to Shine”, a theme chosen to celebrate the achievements and successes of people with albinism worldwide.

Like her brother, Teagan also has albinism.

Belair shared a powerful video posted by Pastor Keenann Knox in which he and others who have grown up with albinism share their experience. The video encourages and celebrates those with albinism as well as helps to spread awareness to those who want to learn more about Albinism.

Celebrities, influencers, politicians and regular people share their experiences with albinism.

Bianca shared a video of her brother who is the father of Sebastian and Teagan as he explains the importance of educating ourselves and raising awareness as well as standing for their rights of people with albinism and changing perceptions. To further educate yourself and find out more about albinism click here.

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