Alexa Bliss reopens Twitter account after incident with deranged internet stalker

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Last week Alexa Bliss locked her Twitter account telling fans “I’m fine, just tired of the harassment. Focusing on my mental health at the moment. Everyone stay being kind out there”.

This came after multiple interactions with online trolls including a“mentally damaged” internet stalker who has been severely harassing The Goddess for months.

On Saturday, Bliss revealed since locking her Twitter account there had been multiple attempts to hack her account telling her followers “because I make my twitter private, doesn’t give you the right to try to hack it”. She posted a screenshot showing 7 fraudulent password reset requests within the same minute.

Earlier today Bliss unlocked her Twitter account. She wrote “You can play the victim. But I won’t” alongside a quote from Mandy Hale. She later posted another quote from an unknown source which stated “I’m not even going to get mad anymore, I just have to learn to expect the lowest from people, even the ones I thought the highest of”.

Five Feet of Fury appears to be in better spirits. Earlier today she posted a stunning selfie with a message which appears to be to herself saying “It’s ok. You forgot who you are. Welcome back.”

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